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A Novel Slip Agent for PET preforms - SlideShare

A Novel Slip Agent for PET preforms 1. A Novel Slip Agent for PET Hans Werink R&T Project Leader Holland Colours NV PETnology 2015 - Nuremberg 09 November 2015 2. Holland Colours Profile Packaging PVC Building and Construction Silicones ...

Slip Agents: Extended Performance Range for Polyolefin Films | Plastics Technology

Fig. 2—Tests with a new type of slip agent (Ampacet 102794) show consistent COF before and after lamination, unlike a standard 1% erucamide (Ampacet 100497) and a non-migratory slip (Ampacet 101501). Three-layer, 2-mil, coextruded films with an mLLDPE ...

WO2016130748A1 - Barrier enhanced pet multilayer container - Google Patents

Barrier enhanced pet multilayer container Download PDF Info Publication number WO2016130748A1 WO2016130748A1 PCT/US2016/017458 US2016017458W WO2016130748A1 WO 2016130748 A1 WO2016130748 A1 WO 2016130748A1 Authority Prior art ...

Slip Additive - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Slip Additive. Slip additives are used to reduce friction between films and between film and converting equipment, which improves movement through extrusion lines and downstream packaging operations and enhances processing or end applications. From: Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, 2012. Download as PDF.

Slip-additive migration, surface morphology, and performance on injection moulded high-density polyethylene closures - ScienceDirect

Preparation of slip agent modified HDPE Injection moulded HDPE caps were obtained from a cap and closure manufacturer. The carbonated soft drink (CSD 9) bottle caps (2.1 g) and water bottle caps (1.8 g) were injection moulded with HDPE containing

Eze Slip Agents

Eze Slip Agents Technical description During PET preform and container processing, surface static charges can build and impact on the frictional behaviour of the part. ColorMatrix’s Eze process aids are engineered to migrate to the surface of the preform or

PET Preforms | RETAL

RETAL offers a full assortment of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms for packaging, transporting and storing drinks, food and cosmetics products. In addition to standard preforms, we manufacture custom preforms tailored to individual customer requirements.

Internal mold release agents for injection, blow molding | AMPACET CORPORATION

Ampacet offers a variety of internal mold release agents, via masterbatch, for both injection molding and blow molding. Unlike Ampacet internal mold release agents, external products are sprayed onto the mold surface. Inconsistent application of external mold release agents can affect part quality and must be applied every 5 to 10 shots.

Slip additives for polyolefins | Smart Materials

Slip additives. Slip additives are products which can be added to polymers to control friction. They are added directly into the polymer during the extrusion process and migrate to the surface as the polymer cools, allowing a solid lubricating layer to form. Slip additives can be used in polymer film structures and plastic packaging to improve ...

Polymer additives for caps & closures | Smart Materials

Our range of mould release additives are 100% bio-based and perfect for use in the production of caps by injection or compression moulding processes. They allow the efficient and sustainable production of plastic caps by: Allowing moulding at lower temperatures. Reducing cycle time. Enabling continuous production with no downtime.

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multilayer pet bottle mould slip agent